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Job Opening: Dentist

Posted by on January 9, 2023

JOB TITLE Miami County Dental Clinic Dentist POSITION OVERVIEW This dentist position will play a key role providing quality dental care in our primary care facility. The prime focus will be examining, diagnosing, and developing treatment plans for infections and injuries of the teeth and mouth as well as serving as an educator/mentor/adjunct professor to 4th year Ohio State University College of Dentistry students that also provide dental care three to four days a week to our patients. Carrying out the treatment plan in a competent and efficient manner is expected. This is an exciting opportunity for the right candidate … Continue reading Job Opening: Dentist

Woman Having a Dental Check-up by Anna Shvets on Pexels

A Guide to Little Known Dental Health Issues You Should Know About

Posted by on May 13, 2021

You probably know that brushing and flossing are important to maintaining a beautiful smile. However, are you aware that your oral hygiene habits also impact your overall wellbeing? The Miami County Dental Clinic is committed to educating patients on the importance of proper tooth and gum care. Read on for 10 little-known dental health care facts. Did you know that oral hygiene and general health are related? According to the International Journal of Dentistry, the body of research linking general health to oral health is growing. 1. A healthy smile means a healthy heart. Harvard researchers reveal that there is … Continue reading A Guide to Little Known Dental Health Issues You Should Know About